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Sunkissed )

2022.01.27 03:08 anasakti Sunkissed )

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2022.01.27 03:08 _maxvell Grandmother was born in 1939

So my grandmother was born in 1939 in Berlin, married my grandfather (American) in 1961, had my mother in 1965 then naturalized to the US in 1972
I have been getting conflicting info on what this would mean.
Am I eligible for naturalization by decent?
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2022.01.27 03:08 stfujill Flowers for Mom regift to first code! πŸ’πŸŒ·

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2022.01.27 03:08 slutsky22 Using the First Time Home Buyer Incentive

I'm looking at getting my first mortgage for a $700K condo. I have $100K saved up and make $150K / year. I wanted to avoid paying $15K for cmhc insurance so was planning to save up $140K so I can have 20% down.
Then I discovered the First Time Home Buyer Incentive which would let borrow $35K (5%) if I get an insured mortgage. I was hoping I could use it to top up my downpayment up to 20% so I don't have to get insurance, but it can't be used this way because it's only for insured mortgages... (seems silly, anyone know why?)
so... I have two options

  1. save up to 20% ($140K) ~ would take at least 6 months
  2. use the incentive to put down ($135K) and pay mortgage insurance ($15K) and buy in the next month
Any thoughts? I'm leaning toward 1 just don't like living with my parents / rates are low atm
I plan to pay off the 5% equity in my home from the incentive asap so not too worried about that
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2022.01.27 03:08 peg_leg_pete123 Sheesh

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2022.01.27 03:08 rockabyevo Had a gratuitously morbid idea for a Warden execution. I call it "All the Way Through." (expertly illustrated in MS Paint)

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2022.01.27 03:08 MobbJacket Pondering the Orb

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2022.01.27 03:08 MountainBig3030 Alguien rol de Karla ?

Alguien rol de Karla ?
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2022.01.27 03:08 Artistic_Map_5064 Possibly getting an integra and need opinions

I currently have a everyday work car, a 2013 Hyundai Sonata and was looking for a jdm-able car and found my way into a 1990 Acura integra LS hatchback and from the pictures it looks great and only has 132,000 miles Has truhart coilovers, mst time attack wheels, headers and exhaust, intake, and new headlights. Should I manifest this?
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2022.01.27 03:08 4gigiplease Western monarch butterflies rebound but still below historical population β€” 247,000 after fewer than 2,000 appeared last year

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2022.01.27 03:08 grobdobby2 Best community for selling games?

Hey everyone! I've been going through a lot of my old stuff and have some Dreamcast games I'd like to sell, but I'm not sure where the best place would be to reach interested collectors/gamers. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!
ps: I do have an ebay page with one of the games already listed (D2) but don't wanna share unless that's welcome here
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2022.01.27 03:08 SullyG927 Question regarding concealed carry permit.

So last November I was arrested for an OWI in the state of Iowa. My report looked good, it stated that I was very cooperative and respectful. I was 20 at the time, and only turned 21 on Christmas in the same year, so less than a month later. I blew a .12, but the reason for the stop was because I made a left turn and pulled into the far lane instead of the close lane. My question is, will I still be able to get a concealed carry permit? Iowa is a shall issue state, and my attorney said my chances of getting a deferred judgment is very high. I’ve had my preliminary on January 5th and have no court date set as of yet. All I can do is jump through the hoops of the DOT and get my TRL. I’ve already obtained sr22 and have installed an interlock device in my vehicle. Just waiting now to get the TRL. So given the circumstance, what are my chances of still being able to obtain a concealed carry?
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2022.01.27 03:08 Fatherhead Show me your ________

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2022.01.27 03:08 donotscam Site consolidates your hundreds of MLS listings to one CSV, for easy searching and math

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2022.01.27 03:08 richarrdgreen Thoughts on Jarvee?

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2022.01.27 03:08 Late_Interest7755 Dank enough??

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2022.01.27 03:08 Vsandaru Why it makes sense for Shraddha\Disha\Sara etc to have more IG followers than SRK?

Why does Shraddha\Disha\Sara have more IG followers & Why it makes sense?
I used these 3 actresses as an example because they are the names that come up most of the time when this specific question is asked.
This has been a recurring topic in this sub.This is bought up because SRK is someone who is a globally recognized actor\celebrity but how come a comparatively newer actress\celebrity has more followers?
But most of the answers were simply answering it as PAID BOT FOLLOWERS or as does these mentioned actresses even have fans.But is it though?My not so simple answer I came up with because I'm bored & have too much time.Also first time writing something like this.
Numbers [obtained from Speakrj.com]
SRK:27.9 M followers & engagement rate of 6.50%
Shraddha:68.4 M followers & engagement rate of 1.35%
Disha:48.2 M followers & engagement rate of 2.35%
Sara:39.1 M followers & engagement rate of 2.30%
I think 1% - 5% engagement rate would be considered as good for a celebrity.The more followers you have,the harder it is to achieve.
There maybe bot\paid followers but the whole amount couldn't be dismissed as bots\paid.
Demographic of Insta Users [obtained from Statista]
This is the key to answer this question.
As of October 2021, it was found that 17.9 percent of global active Instagram users were men between the ages of 18 and 24 years. More than half of the global Instagram population worldwide is aged 34 years or younger.
Conclusion - So given the demographic of instagram users I think this makes sense.
Something most people gets mixed up - Higher no. of Instagram followers doesn't translate to more recognition or higher box office success Social media managing\marketing is also important so more recognition doesn't translate to more followers
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2022.01.27 03:08 heyitsPrateek WTT hutao+kokomi Asia server Any offers?????? ayaka ?

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2022.01.27 03:08 chloichi I was touched inappropriately when I was younger by my father and my stepfather

I havent told anyone about this and I really want to tell somebody about this to get it out of my chest.
My parents are separated. I remember when I was young, around 10 years old, and I was living with my mother, I woke up to a sensation that someone was touching my boobs. I slightly opened my eyes and saw my stepfather touching my boobs. I did not react and pretended to still be sleeping. I heard my mom walk in unkowingly and just told my stepfather to sleep.
When l turned 12 yeaars old, I started living with my father and his new family. One night, I am sleeping and I felt someone caressing my nipples, it's like he is circling his index finger on it. (I still vividly remember the feeling and I am disgusted with myself) Again, I pretended to sleep and just slightly opened my eyes, I saw my drunk father. I can tell he is drunk because he reeks of alcohol. My stepmother walked in and guided my father to their room. I cried that night after they left.
These instances I believed affected my relationships with men growing up. I hate it when a male classmate accidentally bumps into me or any form of physical contact. Thankfully, I am now in a committed relationship and he is the only male that I allow to get close to me. I still hate it when other men has physical contact with me, I still don't know why my boyfriend is the only one I allow.
I am still in good relationship with my father and stepfather. They don't know that I know what they did, and no one in my family knows what happened. I just hope that my younger female siblings did not experience this.
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2022.01.27 03:08 dierdong22 Old thread but good refresher on xebra brands (xbra: cse / xbraf: otc) who is well positioned in Netherlands, Mexico, and soon to be Colombia.

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2022.01.27 03:08 Ripper-Dio Asshole Skateboards - Debut Drop Promo - Link to the mod is in the video description

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2022.01.27 03:08 KratheoTheCrazy Was thinking about this joke b4 I tapped him.

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2022.01.27 03:08 TheAsiaToday Lala Kent Considered Plastic Surgery ,Getting My Boobs Done for Me’

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2022.01.27 03:08 shaggydev How to get rich for autists, a true story of an anon brainlet

I once was like you, first hearing about WallStreetBets and options, not wanting to waste my time learning Greek just so I can use all that faggoty theta, vega, your mom's vagina talk.
Nah man, this shit is easy, CLEARY if Ethreum skyrockets up from $10 to $100 it must SURELY be due for a correction. So I leveraged a short on margin to maximize my returns and proceeded to get my face ripped off and lose months of sleep in the 24/7 coin market getting woken up to margin calls and angry Poloniex emails as the price then went to $300.
After going through my first account liquidation, I felt I earned a badge of honor shit and decided to wait until a reasonable reentry price maybe around $50.
It went over $1000, what. the. fuck.
Ok, it's finally crashing, time to scoop up the dip before it continues the rally. Low of $350, pushing back up, lezzz go boizzz! I loaded up as we rallied back almost to $1000, then get my face ripped off again as we crash all the way below $100. You better damn well believe I bought the falling knife along the way wonder when my ass was going to stop getting reemed.
Papa Warren always told me to average my buy-ins and papa Cuban told me diversification is for pussies, so I kept yoloing into coins all through the lows. Meanwhile mainstream media and my entire family is calling me a dumb fuck who is going to lose all his money on "magic internet money that are just tulips." Finally we rallied during this last bull run and mainstream media suddenly began gargling Nakamotos balls while people are asking me to fund their GUARANTEED winning business ideas.
So after learning not to get into an investment too early after a huge rally, I then proceeded to buy into GameStop at $300 in January last year. Autist for life bitches.
TLDR: Buy, hold and buy more, there is no sell. Diversification is for pussies or seniors. If it's free, you're the product. Trust nobody, especially with your money. Hug your mom.
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2022.01.27 03:08 Aidhin1 Look another nuzlocke completed

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