Treyarch / Sledgehammer, Please Revamp The Covenant System

2021.12.07 04:55 EggyFins Treyarch / Sledgehammer, Please Revamp The Covenant System

Today we got 5 new covenants, and if we continue getting them added there's going to be more and more issues, which is why I want to throw out some ideas on how to improve the covenant system and keep it engaging and rewarding over time.
1. Let us re-roll for a new set of covenants
With 10 covenants, it takes a minimum of 4 rounds to see every covenant. With 20, it takes 8 rounds. With 30 it takes 10. If we keep getting 5 covenants a season, we'll reach a point where the covenant pool is oversaturated, and it will be nearly impossible to pick ones that match with each other as well as with the user's playstyle. Allowing us to spend a heart or two for a new set of 3 would go a very long way in allowing players to get the covenants they want, making the game more enjoyable and allowing for more experimentation.
2. Let us earn more covenant slots
Since the introduction of Stamin-Up, PhD Flopper, and the 4 perk limit way back in Ascension, EVERY Treyarch zombie map has included a way to break that 4 perk limit through a variety of ways; killing monkeys in Ascension and Shangri-La, the ghosts in Buried, wallrunning in Revelations, throwing wraith fires and doing challenges in IX, hell, even killing George Romero gives you a free perk. On top of these few examples, there's also gobblegums and elixirs and easter eggs that give every perk. Even Cold War, with no perk limit, finds a way to slip in free perks through loot and side eggs.
Vanguard is the ONLY Treyarch Zombies game where there is no way to get a free perk (well, covenants). You also only have 3 slots, which is very limiting. Maybe 3 is a good starting point, but perhaps spending a bunch of hearts can unlock a 4th slot, and then some more for a 5th. There could be some sort of side easter egg, or even a main quest that gives a free covenant slot or a random permanent covenant for the rest of the match.
Another similar concept is to allow for more covenants to choose from every round. Re-rolling covenants does this a bit, but if you could buy a 4th slot for covenant options for the rest of the match, it would give so many more options the further you play.
3. Change the pricing of covenant rarities
There is no reason that rare, epic and legendary covenants should all cost the same price of 1 heart. I find it hard to believe this was always the plan; if it was, then why even bother listing every price as 1 heart?
The pricing I'd like to see is;
Rare - 1 heart
Epic - 3 hearts
Legendary - 5 hearts
And my final suggestion for spending hearts;
4. Give an option to upgrade your current covenants
There's 2 ways to go about this, and having both available would be great;

  1. When a higher rarity of a covenant you already have shows up in the altar, you can upgrade by 1 rarity for 1 heart, or by 2 rarities for 2 hearts. So from Rare to Epic and Epic to Legendary would cost 1, and from Rare to Legendary would cost 2.
  2. When you're ready to upgrade a covenant, spend 2 or 3 hearts at any time to increase its rarity, regardless of which covenants are in the altar for the round.
Having both of these implemented together would let players build up their covenants constantly instead of waiting around, giving a feeling of gradual progression as they upgrade their covenants, but would also give players a small chance to upgrade at a discount if their covenant shows up in the altar.

While these first 4 suggestions are pretty major changes to the way covenants work, it already creates a problem. If we need more hearts to get the same things, wouldn't it ruin the flow of the game? We only get one heart per round. The obvious solution to this problem;
5. Give the player more ways to earn hearts
With increased heart prices, new ways of obtaining hearts would certainly need to be present. Here are a few ideas on how this could work;
  1. Milestone Rounds - give an extra heart or set of hearts for every 5 rounds
  2. Optional Challenges - individual players get given a challenge that rewards a heart if completed, like "Finish the objective with at least 90% accuracy" or "Finish the objective without getting hit" (think Extinction from Ghosts)
  3. Loot - add hearts as rare loot from chests, crystals and Sturmkriegers on higher rounds (similar rarity to Self Revives)
  4. Side Objectives - short optional objectives in the hub world similar to Outbreak's World Events (Golden Chest, Orda, Horde Patrol, etc.)
  5. Easter Eggs - small things like hearts hidden in hard-to-reach places around the maps would reward map knowledge. Main Quests could also reward hearts, but if the game ends on completion...
6. Include a way to start the game with a heart
Remember in BO3 when you finished every easter egg, and you'd start with an RK5, or BO4 where you could get free doors for a few matches? Starting matches with a free heart or two would be a nice little persistent reward for experienced players. Besides easter eggs, there can definitely be other potential ways to start with an extra heart. Here's a few ideas;
  1. Main Quest completion
  2. Prestige Master
  3. All Zombies challenges completed
  4. Using a class that has a mastery camo equipped (this would be great because you could choose not to use it if you don't want to)

I do have one other suggestion that I think is VERY unlikely, but I'll throw it out there for fun;
7. Add a rarity above legendary
Sure, the current legendary covenants are pretty strong, but they can still be stronger. Cryofreeze could slow enemies close to you. Bloodlust could deal enough damage to kill any regular zombie in one hit. Death Blow could refill the entire clip on a critical kill instead of one or two bullets. Resurrectionist could revive a teammate without having their perks downgraded.
Covenants with so much power would have to come at a price. They would be VERY expensive, maybe at 10 or 15 hearts. Maybe with an introduction of additional covenant slots, they could actually take up two slots instead of one. It's all about balancing the power with a few drawbacks while still making them feel worth it.

If you've read this far, thanks for hearing me out. I'd love to have some constructive discussion and have other people throw out their ideas. We all know there's a lot of issues with Vanguard but let's try to keep things positive and talk about what's in the game now rather than fixate on what's missing. We all want the game to be as enjoyable as possible, whether you're a developer or a player, so let's work together on this one!
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2021.12.07 04:54 The_Book_of_Life Is intolerance an evolutionary trait?

I recently asked myself, if intolerance is an evolutionary trait? And if yes, how can we use that knowledge to become more tolerant and grow into better human beings?
The reasoning is the following: In the past few thousands of years, humans had the best chance of survival if they divided the world into an ingroup (we) and an outgroup (the others). The outgroup had to be different in a specific yet easily recognizable feature from the ingroup. Usually, it was stuff like religious beliefs, origin, skin colour, sexual preferences or other easily distinguishable features that humans used stigmatize “the others”.
Then, as a "functioning" member of society, you had to show great empathy and tolerance towards members of the ingroup, yet you could direct all the evil and intolerance towards the outgroup. Over the course of history, the main distinguishable feature between the ingroup and outgroup changed several times based on what was politically and socially acceptable at the specific time. It seems like we are at such a change again.
On the one hand, humans have become way more tolerant of people from other countries or with other sexual preferences (I know we’re not fully there yet but have already gotten a long way). On the other hand, humans have become increasingly intolerant again when it comes to other topics (such as corona, for example).
That begs the questions. Do humans need a minimum amount of intolerance they can show towards a particular outgroup? Can’t we just be tolerant of all (human) beings? And if no, why not?
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2021.12.07 04:54 13-Gaige Anybody agree we need a buff for Loba?

Is it just me or is the fact that you cant do anything when throwing your bracelet mot annoy the hell out of people? i cant count the amount of times the long ass animation in both beginning and ending the teleportation animation has gotten me killed because it takes forever and during it you cant shoot you cant really do anything other than walk around. i mean her ULT is fine a little more range would be nice i guess or maybe some minor changes to that but thats not the topic i'm talking about today, lmao i just want to know if other people think her tactical needs a buff as well.
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