Rust IRL

2021.12.07 06:16 Ackadacka Rust IRL

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2021.12.07 06:16 Thisisthrowayaccount Please drop Indian Instagram joinmyapp or actual fans or something like that !! Thanks

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2021.12.07 06:16 DerpNation1 had to do it... (online learning)

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2021.12.07 06:16 JibriXlzs How is my Year 1 farm going so far?

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2021.12.07 06:16 witch___drums Frequent dreams about ex’s - meaning?

Back story I guess? I’ve been with my current boyfriend for a little over 4 years now. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.
However I’ve noticed I’ve been having weeklyish dreams about my last long term relationship (6 years). Let’s call that ex “s” while he always treated me well enough “mostly” he and I split because of his pill and alcohol habit (towards the end he was snorting $80 a day worth of pain killers and when he would drink he would drink 30 beers before passing out). The dreams I would have about him were usually happy dreams. Last week I had a dream about another ex “N” and getting back together with him. This guy was emotionally and mentally abusive. “S” and I were still living together when “n” and I met because it was a mutual break up and we needed each other to continue to pay the bills. A month into N and I’s relationship he convinced me to move out of the house s and I shared and move in with because basically s was toxic. We shared the apartment with his aunt, uncle, 2 cousins and 2 little kids. We ended up moving 2 hours away so that one of the cousins could go to school. N was a truck driver so he was only home around 5 or so days out of the month. Because of that, I ended up slipping into a deep depression because of how he treated me (wouldn’t call me as often, his family treated me like shit, I was left alone for weeks at a time In a new town at the beginning because his family was wrapping up ties in the last town.) I remember once I had a panic attack when his uncle confronted me (because I wasn’t helping around the house enough even though I was working 50 hour graveyard shifts a week and barely got any sleep because one of the little kids had severe Adhd and would scream all day) and I blacked out the rest of the day/night. The aunt asked n if they should take me to the hospital but he basically said no she’ll be fine. After I left N, I found out he was cheating on my with his ex for probably 6 months.
Why am I having dreams about these shit bags? Is there anything I can do to stop it?
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2021.12.07 06:16 Wooden-Alternative46 Watch People Die Inside - Episode #22

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2021.12.07 06:16 0369am i had a dream about getting a new title for my fic and now i’m sentimentally attached to it

this is gonna sound super silly, but i had this dream where i was talking to my friend about my fic and then i suddenly blurted out a random name for it. i was super satisfied about it and even told her i was gonna switch to it, but oops, tis but a dream. while the title sounded way better in my dream than it does it real life, i’m already iffy with the current name i have for my fic.
should i just switch to it to become the cool “hmmm yes, my dreams have prophesied your arrival” mentor figure + weird story, or should i stick with what i have?
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2021.12.07 06:16 Keisuke_Takahashi342 Hi, does anyone know how to change the color of the brake caliper?

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2021.12.07 06:16 heykody What song were you surprised to find out was a cover?

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2021.12.07 06:16 Sea-Annual-9168 Form where to buy a mattress/bed?

I need to get a mattress by 14th December or else I will end up sleeping on the floor. Checked Amazon and Walmart websites, the earliest delivery date is 17th.
I do not have a vehicle and will reach Halifax on 14th. Dont know anyone in halifax either(I am an international student).
How can I arrange for mattress to be delivered?
Is sleeping on floor feasible (not sure how cold it will be with the heating on). Once I reach Halifax, how to buy a mattress considering I don't have a vehicle.
Please help me out here.
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2021.12.07 06:16 TitanApeCoin Great coin, use cases, Amazing community, dedicated team and Fair Launch = stable coin that regular people can buy and benefit from

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2021.12.07 06:16 rwieruch URL for State: Exploring Search Params in React Router 6

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2021.12.07 06:16 Youngmoneey22 Keep fortnite this way forever

Hello, so far the new version with the new weapons and new map is so good, and the game seems more real this way. Keep it this way 4 eveeet
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2021.12.07 06:16 SpaceArf Going to Japanese SHS as a Japanese Passport holder

I am living (and studying) in the philippines and want to go to a Japanese Senior High School. I know basic Japanese (and still learning) and have a Japanese Passport (Dual Citizen).
My 中1 grades where... bad. After that I transferred to the Philippines where my grades are now much, much better. Can I submit my grades from the Philippines or did I screw myself over when I transferred?
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2021.12.07 06:16 tanakorb ⚔️ Enter the Dragon Land Fantasy Metaverse ⚔️ Launching Now on BSC ⚓ Liquidity Lock ⏳ Low Marketcap!!

Dragon Land Metaverse (BSC)
⚔️Dragon Land is the first Fantasy Metaverse coming to BSC. Join us in building a fantasy world where people can buy land, characters, armor and other treasures and fight other players and NPCs in a P2E game. Building out a complete ecosystem, the DRAGONLAND token, launching on Pancakeswap, will be the governance token to pay for treasures and other goods in the Land of the Dragons.

⛓️Contract Address: 0x7FbBf28Af810d995319ee4B5eFF547857057A8a3

⚔️Create your character, build your kingdom and interact and team up with other players in the metaverse. Fight dragons, other creatures and other kingdoms to collect valuable armor and other treasures and expand your empire!
⚔️Check out our amazing website for more information, which includes a V1 whitepaper.
⚔️Professional audit paid for and will be available a couple days.
⚔️Marketing budget of 50k USD.
⚔️Trusted devs with experience in other BSC projects and a lot of connections.
⚔️Liquidity will be locked.
⚔️External AMA + Private Doxxing.

Don’t miss out on this one, it might be the next NetVRk.

⛓️Contract Address: 0x7FbBf28Af810d995319ee4B5eFF547857057A8a3

⚱️ Pancakeswap


✨ Website:

✨ Telegram:

✨ Twitter:
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2021.12.07 06:16 t0asssty_ How do you deal with sensory overload?

Hi, I'm currently at work so this is super spontaneous. I'm kinda in a bad place as my ADHD meds didn't kick in and I'm getting super sensitive all of a sudden. Like, I got itches everywhere even though I showered this morning and I can't stand the feeling of my hair brushing against my scalp and the sweat on my fingertips and elbow pits. This totally came out of nowhere and I have no idea what to do, its hard focusing on work like that...
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2021.12.07 06:16 Hottipshotline Day after the BitMart Hack: Progress update - Trading still halted, wait for official annoncements (link to #medium article 👇🏻)

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2021.12.07 06:16 rabengeieradlerstein What is a good idea in theory, but a bad idea in practice?

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2021.12.07 06:16 tomaz1989 Which Build Will be good Next Update for PVP

Which Build Will be good Next Update for Open World PVP Mostly 1vs1,2vs2
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2021.12.07 06:16 Necessary_Pain5494 SantaBonk - 7% busd rewards | Chart is mooning | Great planned marketing strategy

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! SantaBonk is the latest BONK token on the Binance Smart Chain. It has a strong community who like to BONK and know how to slurp. Buy SantaBonk and hold to earn BUSD rewards every hour!
Supply 1,000,000,000
LP burnt
10% Tax

Every buy or sell transaction is taxed with a 10% fee., 7% of them are converted to BUSD and reward to holders, 2% is used for marketing. This is very important to increase or holders and new big investors. 1% we are going to use for increase the liquidity and stabilize the price.
With SantaBonk you are going to have huge BUSD rewards, so you is double benefit for you. Just holding if our token makes a x100 you win more!.
Side trivia - the contract ends in "beef". This was purely random and has nothing to do with the contract itself, but that's got to be a good omen!
Contract: 0x3fe191cb269f9beffb241b7e8413761363adaa04
Buy Now:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
With the current hype of BONK tokens, we will aim to provide people the most secure place for them to invest. So here we have gone back to basics, and what we mean by that is - honesty, guaranteeing that you can secure the maximum amount of profit!
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2021.12.07 06:16 Asexual_barbie_boy No 2021 Game Comes Close to The Last of Us 2's TGA 2020 Domination

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2021.12.07 06:16 BlackStar300 This new pvp mode is irritating me so much.

I can't play book 3 cuz I can't use my shamir and chrom and Dimitri but it's fucking irritating. Why do they insist on any type of battle or arena in fire emblem. It doesn't work.
I spend hours on this mode for rewards and it's making the game so unfun. It's now becoming more of a chore to play this game it feels like. The first few years of this game were great even when we had the takumi and hector era.
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2021.12.07 06:16 Soft-Boysenberry1097 Not all loners are jerks who hate half of the population, some unfortunately just have physically undesirable features that make it much harder for them to date

One of my classmates is a guy who's always been a bit quiet and reserved. He displays behaviors I've seen in autistic people (rocking, hand waving) and seems quite sad but is otherwise a nice guy, we have a few running jokes between us and have worked together on assignments a few times. Today we ended up sitting together at lunch, and I asked him how everything was going.
He opened up about his depression (and first warned me that it might be a heavy subject before asking if I minded) and mentioned his lack of success with finding a partner. At first, I was somewhat repulsed, but I decided to lend him an ear because he had never said anything misogynistic and genuinely had a good personality.
I asked him about his lack of success, and he attributed it to being 5'6", Asian, and autistic. I tried to think of other reasons why he might be attractive to at least someone and couldn't come up with anything, he genuinely is a really honest guy and communicates well.
I asked him about his opinions on his ideal partner, and he said he really doesn't care about how they look and just wants someone who's fun to hang out with. He's evidently not a misogynist.
Unfortunately, I slowly began to understand where he was coming from. Many of my friends growing up had made unsavory jokes about Asians and ostracized people with autism. In addition, many of my friends considered height to be a non-negotiable feature for their male partners.
I had to dig deeper.
Unfortunately, I found sources corroborating all that he was saying. Being short, Asian, and autistic was a triple whammy for this guy, especially during this time when hate crimes are at an unprecedented high. I really can't think of a solution for his incelibate state, but at this point, I'm fairly well convinced that not all insells are hateful. It's unfortunate, but some of them may really have physical features or mental conditions that the majority finds undesirable and therefore face loneliness despite being good people.
I feel bad for him but have no real solutions for him. He really is a good guy, but I have to admit he is physically not what the majority finds attractive.
It also made me reflect that it was never hard for me to find a partner who would treat me well despite the fact that I am an Asian XX.
I have an unpopular question as well: could voluntary incelibacy be a form of natural selection? I would really not like to think this way, but it makes sense from a evolutionary and hereditary standpoint why certain features like autism and short height are undesirable.
Height study:
Asian study:
tl;dr: XX are more racially selective than XY in online dating, and find Asian XY the least attractive
Autism study:
tl;dr: over 98% of autistic adolescent XY do not have sexual relations despite the fact that 69% want relationships.
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2021.12.07 06:16 Luos_io 🆕 Luos selftest during compilation

🆕 Luos selftest during compilation 🆕 Luos selftest during compilation
Selftest is a specific way of compiling Luos, and specially LuosHAL, allowing you to validate your entire hardware configuration. To make it work you have to connect your different connectors of the board together. Selftest will try to use different hardware resources configured for Luos and will check if everything is OK for you.
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2021.12.07 06:16 hullopalooza Beauty and the beast.

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